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Below are case studies of some recent ad campaigns over an entire month or partial month's period. We typically generate between 125 and 185 leads per month. Our average clients are converting at 3 to 5 percent (closing ratios are obviously dependent on our clients sales process and closing skills). Some clients and larger firms choose to invest more ad spend than others, so naturally they will receive a greater number of leads during a month's campaign. IMengineer guarantees at least 100 exclusive pre-qualified (long form) home buyer leads to all of our clients every month!
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This California Campaign generated 88 Leads In The First 3 Weeks
Screen shot of a Facebook Campaign Generating 448 leads At An Avg CPL Of $4.41
This Tennessee Campaign Generated 143 Leads At An Avg Of $5.79
This Realtor Campaign In Washington Generated 76 Leads In 3 Weeks At An Avg Cost Of $8.72 Per Lead
Realtor Campaign In The New England Area Generated 96 Leads In One Month
One Of Our Loan Officer's Campaigns In Massachusetts Generated 82 Leads At $5.70 On A Budget Of $500
This Recent Campaign Generated 16 Leads In The First 3 Days At $0.66 Per Lead! (Results not Typical)
Another Recent Campaign That Out Performed Our Average Over 45 Days!
Conversations From Just A Few Of Our Happy Clients!
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