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What We Do
At IMengineer we specialize in helping Real Estate and Mortgage Pros increase client acquisition and ROI by targeting millions of potential prospects active on the internet today. By using our proprietary method we can reach your exact, ideal demographic market and deliver an offer for your services that makes them take action to engage in your sales process.

We are a direct response digital marketing agency with the sole focus on creating successful client acquisition through lead generation campaigns with MAXIMUM ROI

Bottom Line: We deliver real, highly-targeted, pre-qualified prospects that help you realize a significant financial return on your investment with IMengineer. 

How We Do It
Client Acquisition via lead generation is the #1 product we offer. This strategy is based on attracting immediate prospects, leads, and customers through Social Media Promotion, then retargeting those prospects and putting them through our client exclusive sales funnel where we qualify them with our 7 step home buyer survey.
Rather than ‘hoping’ for a quality lead – we create them. ‍‍We do this by following up with your prospects on a consistent basis, adding value and checking in with them using our 30 day automated follow-up system leading you to having conversations and appointments with only the most interested prospects.

Using a combination of digital marketing tools allows us to acquire and nurture prospects at every stage of the purchasing cycle (from pique interest to intent of purchase) while minimizing the cost per acquisition.
Our proprietary system and process provides a full marketing solution that allows you to concentrate on YOUR clients instead of concentrating on acquiring clients via lead generation and managing multiple marketing channels on your own.

Each prospect is Exclusive and is delivered to you in Real Time. Guaranteed!
All of our marketing campaigns are 100% managed by IMengineer.

Guaranteed Leads
We deliver at least 100 pre-qualified long form leads in your desired area every month guaranteed! We don't deliver, we pay! 
Exclusive Leads
Never have to worry if your leads are shared. Once you join our team we will only market for you in the area of your choice. These leads will belong to you exclusively!
Lead Nurturing
Tired of chasing down leads? We nurture every lead with our 30-day email and text follow-up campaign so you're having conversations with home buyers ready to work with you!
From Prospecting To Delivery, We Provide Clients Ready To Work With You!
The Best People, The Best Technology, The Best System
IMengineer Delivers For You!
At IMengineer Inc my team and I specialize in client acquisition and massive ROI for our clients.
Contact me today to find out if you are a good fit with IMengineer INC.

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